What makes Oddli different from other brands?


Where are your clothes made? 

All of our clothes are designed and made in downtown Los Angeles at a manufacturer we visit often.  

What is deadstock fabric? 

Deadstock is the 14M pounds of excess fabric created in the industry every day (that number does not include the clothing that is thrown away every day). This fabric is often thrown away or burned - or it goes into a second hand market where it becomes deadstock.

Are your products sustainable?

The fashion industry has little to no regulation that governs what it means for a brand to be sustainable.  There are no limits or metrics around carbon emissions, fabric content, labor, dyes, etc.  Because we never fully know what 'sustainable' means we've been using the word 'ethical.'  We try to be the most thoughtful we can be around every decision we make and we like to tell you why we make the decisions we make and price items the way we do. We're minimizing our impact on the planet through using deadstock and organic fabrics and working locally here in Los Angeles to minimize shipping footprint from manufacturing to customer.  

How do I join the Oddli Club? 

Right now the club is done through our close friends story on Instagram - you get to see behind the scenes content of building Oddli, access to special discounts, and give product input. DM us on Instagram to join.