Where are your clothes made? 

All of our clothes are designed and made in downtown Los Angeles close to our studio at a manufacturer we're able to visit often.  

What is deadstock fabric? 

Deadstock is the 14M pounds of excess fabric created in the fashion industry every day. In 2020 when Oddli was not much more than an idea, Jensen sewed patchwork pieces from scrap fabrics on her mom's sewing machine. We've always believed that there's already enough fabric in this world, so using deadstock is still (and always will be) a part of Oddli. 

How are you sustainable?

We try to only produce what we believe we can sell,  design with deadstock and organic materials, and pay fair wages to the people making our clothes. Beyond that, we are thoughtful at every step of Oddli's process.  For instance, our headbands are made from the scraps of our other products. We've been transparent about where our clothes are made, what they're made of, and why they cost what they do.

How do I join the Oddli Club? 

You can apply via the link on the 'Oddly Club' tab of our website! Can't wait to meet you -