What makes Oddli different from other brands?

We want to build a community with you in it, led by a couple of 24 year olds who dream of a more ethical fashion industry (and world). 

Where are your clothes made? 

All of our clothes are designed and made in downtown Los Angeles at a manufacturer we visit often.  

What is deadstock fabric? 

Deadstock is the 14M pounds of excess fabric created in the industry every day (that number does not include the clothing that is thrown away every day). Brands will decide against continuing with a certain color or pattern of fabric and still have a lot leftover.  This fabric is often thrown away or burned - or it goes into a second hand market where it becomes deadstock.

Why do some of your pieces use deadstock fabric and others not?

A question as old as time! Deadstock is not uniform in quantity, which makes it challenging to use. For ex: Jensen may find a gorgeous orange fabric that she loves, but never see the exact color or weight of that fabric again. We’ve started sourcing organic cottons for the base of our *make your own* products. That way all of the bases of our products feel, look, and fit the same. We're still figuring out exactly what fabrics will look like in the future, and will keep you posted. 

Do you ship internationally?

Right now we’re shipping internationally to Canada, the UK, and Australia. Reach out if you live in another country and want to wear some Oddli! We’re open to shipping to other countries as well. 

What is the turnaround time from ordering to receiving my product? 

For our *make your own* products, orders will ship within 1-2 weeks of placing the order and arrive within two to three weeks at most. For everything else, orders will ship within 1-2 days of ordering and arrive within 5-7 days.

Are your products sustainable?

‘SUSTAINABLE’ is a hard word! The fashion industry has no regulation that governs what it means for a brand to be sustainable.  In other words, there are no limits or metrics around carbon emissions, fabric content, labor, dyes, etc.  We like the word "ETHICAL" a little more than sustainable. To us this means that we try to be the most thoughtful we can be around every decision we make. That looks like minimizing our impact on the planet through every decision we make in the supply chain and working with manufacturers with ethical labor standards.

When do you plan on bringing products that are out of stock?

We’re constantly working on bringing back styles and sizes that are gone. You can  sign up for the back in stock notifications on the product you’re looking for and you’ll be notified right away when we have it back.

How do I join the Oddli Club? 

Right now the club is done through our close friends story on Instagram - you get to see behind the scenes content of building Oddli, access to special discounts, and give product input. DM us on Instagram to join.