We’re Jensen and Ellie - we met on our second day in college sitting outside a freshman dining hall. That dinner and every one since, has been one curious and optimistic conversation. We started Oddli in 2020.   We grew up with the earth as our playground and as we got older wondered why saving our planet and living fully always seemed at odds. 
There's magic in putting on a piece of our patchwork and feeling a part of a group of people who want to respect the ground we stand on and dance on it too.
To us, sustainability is a big word. At Oddli, we create art pieces designed to be worn for years to come, and keep our planet and people top of mind in the making. 
We use entirely deadstock - the leftover, new material that results from the fashion industry’s tendency to overproduce and abandon styles after they have already been made. This material would be burned or landfilled if we did not keep it in circulation.
We pay our seamstresses and manufacturers a living wage - they are the backbone of our product coming to life and need a wage that enables them to sustain their lives. And lastly, our pieces will arrive to you in 100% compostable or recyclable material - made entirely in Los Angeles and hand-numbered. There is so much more unused material left to reimagine.