Oddli is the tilt of your hand in the air while dancing.  The bits of fabric that thought they may never belong, but then they did. And now here you are, wearing a deadstock dress kissing your July crush. We are here to show that the wood and the earth and our pocket filled colorful dresses really can be something of a symphony. 

We’re Ellie and Jens. We became friends on the second day of college. For the next four years, we spent half of our time together swimming in the pacific ocean or dancing around campus and the other half studying sustainable consumer products in our engineering design classes.  When we learned just how hurtful the fashion industry can be to the environment, we knew we wanted to do better. Oddli became our shared dream - a company that feels more like your friend who creates colorful, artful clothing that does good for our planet.  All of our clothes are made of 100% deadstock fabric, which is some of the 14M pounds of excess fabric that the fashion industry generates every day.  Our clothes are handmade in Los Angeles by workers paid an equitable wage.  Hope to meet you soon :).