A Night with Oddli

A couple of weeks ago Jens and I hosted a "Night with Oddli" in the Arts District in LA! 

Our dream with Oddli is to use product as a way to create an incredible community, so nights like these are our favorite.  Anna Shoemaker from Brooklyn and Arden Jones (Jensen's little brother) did AMAZING performances. It is magical for us  to see people wearing Oddli all the while talking and meeting with new friends (also collaborators, inspirations, maybe crushes too)?!  People also snacked on candy necklaces and spicy margaritas named after Arden and Anna.  

There's such a sweet feeling in bringing together a group of people where when you are with them you feel like you can accomplish anything and you can leave the planet a little better than the very messy one we have been left with. That is how I felt that night and I hope we can do this night 100x over next year in all different places.  See you all soon :,).